Let It Melt - Danxia

from the EP Learn To Swim (2017)

A recent obsession of mine is checking out the Bandcamp and Facebook pages of newer, unsigned bands.  I have become fascinated with how they package and present their products.  I am equally interested in the relationships they strike with their audiences.

The trait that attracts me most to a band is honesty.  How accurate do they describe and present themselves?  Is the bond with their audience authentic?  Are they assholes?

Danxia is a four piece band from Warrington, UK - a medium-sized municipality along the Mersey River, midway between the behemoth music destinations of Liverpool and Manchester.  They describe their music as "swirly, psych-inspired guitars, melodic bass lines, and haunting vocals laced with reverb."  Their Facebook page shows them gigging and recording.  Eating lentils and hummus.  I dig them.

I also dig their tune Let It Melt.  It envelops the listener in a late night soundscape - lush in texture, dynamics, and space - forming a sonic cocoon, full of moody minor chords that are too melodious to be glum.  It is a dreamy place.  I could stay here all night.

It is also a testament to talent and craft.

Please join me in saluting Danxia.  May all of their musical dreams come true !!!

Click Here to watch the official video for Let It Melt.