Puss - Party Dozen

from the album The Living Man (2017)

Party Dozen is the name given to the duo of Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet, two Sydney, Australia musicians who play the saxophone and drums, respectively.

The music is a form of primitive experimental jazz.  I find it captivating.  On Puss, the duo take full advantage of multi-track recording to create layers of dissident sax over flat tom syncopation.  The add in a little bit of organ and percussion to round out the sound, but I honestly do not know if it is necessary.

I dig people creating their own vibes, marching to their own beats.  I would love to hang out with Party Dozen.  My guess is that it would be fun, in a different kind of way.

Click Here to listen to Puss on Bandcamp.


  1. Groovy man! This is jazziness at its best, as the duo alternate with a syncopated cacophony never letting you out of their beat harmonized acoustic grip. A really good find 40 Watt.

    1. Thanks JB. When I ask myself "Which of my funky friends will dig Puss the most?" the only answer is you !!!


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