Silver - Waxahatchee

from the album Out In The Storm (2017)

If I were vanquished to some isolated land where music could neither be played, nor heard, I like to think that I would create music in my mind.

If, on any given day, I felt compelled to imagine a great indie rock tune, my thoughts might go something like this...

It would open with a big, buoyant drum intro.  Nothing fancy.  A straight four beat with muscle and lift.  Then overdriven guitars and pulsing bass would enter, beating out an eigth-note rhythm and groove.

The vocalist would be a younger, interesting female.    Male singers are such stereotypes.  Woman are complex.  Her vocal tracks would be doubled-up, which - when coupled with the beat, groove, and fuzzed out guitars - would give off a 90's vibe reminiscent of, say, The Jesus and Mary Chain.

 The lyrics would be clever and alluring.  They would include lines like, "we kiss and my lips starts to feel unfamiliar."

The guitars would then hammer down for a forceful bridge before dropping back down into another verse.  Then the guitars would step back forward before busting out a lead.  This is the payoff.

I would extended it a smidgen and then end it all as suddenly as it began.  Perfect.

Well, that is exactly what Waxahatchee did with their song Silver.  Bravo.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Silver.