Tuyo (Tema de Narcos) - Bïa & Mamselle Ruiz

from the album Bandidas (2017)

Bandidas brings together two amazing latina chanteuses: Bïa, a Brazilian singer-songwriter known for her beautiful voice and sweet melodies, and Mamselle Ruiz, a fantastic Quebec-based Mexican singer, known - not only for her solo work - but for her stints performing with Cirque du Soleil.

I am wildly enamored with their song Tuyo (Tema de Narcos).  It is timeless, emanating from a distant place, where romance rules the day.  The women's vocals intertwine like two high-wire acrobats, dazzling the crowd, as they perform over a magnificent latin beat and groove.  Soul-stirring guitar and cello complete the soundscape.

At times, I am not certain what to listen to: The bass line, the cello, or those soaring vocals.

This song is sexy, sultry, and romantic.  A classic.

Click Here to listen to Tuyo (Temo de Narcos) performed by Bïa & Mamselle Ruiz on Bïa JKeieger's SoundCloud site.

Click Here to watch a promotional video of Bïa & Mamselle Ruiz performing together.