Horizon - Aldous Harding

from the album Party (2017)

Regardless of whether it is a gift from God or a validation of Mendel, there is no musical instrument more stirring than a gifted human voice.  Think of a great Irish tenor or an operatic star, like Pavarotti.  Their voices can touch you at your core and inspire you like few others things I know.

In terms of popular music, great care needs to be given to the musical accompaniment of a gifted voice.  It must be complimentary, never stealing the spotlight.  This is certainly a situation where less is more.

Aldous Harding is an incredible vocalist from Lyttelton, New Zealand.  She considers her style of music to be gothic folk, a perfectly accurate and unique categorization.  I could hear her singing in either a grand European cathedral, or a Greenwich Village cafĂ©.

On Horizon, one of many fantastic tunes on her sophomore release, the twenty-seven year old singer is accompanied by a simple piano playing whole-notes and an orchestration track of slowly drawn strings.  Together, these instruments create a ethereal vibe, full of accents and texture.

This is the perfect setting for the vocals.

The song's central theme is about ending a relationship in order to focus on your art.  The news is delivered somewhat coldly, with the repeated lyric:

Here is your princess
And here is the horizon

But, oh how magnificent it sounds!  Aldous Harding's voice makes my bones resonate.  She has a gift that stirs this man's soul.  I hope you enjoy.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Horizon.