Violet - See Through Dresses

from the album Horse Of The Other World (2017)

I dig the shoegaze vibe.  Songs drenched in reverb with heavy synths, predictable grooves, and pleasant vocals.  It makes for perfect listening when my head is stuck in a burnt-out fog and I am trying to find structure in the chaos of the day.  Having a buzz on also helps.

My frustration with the genre is that I always find myself hearing the influences of other artists inside a song's framework.  This sometimes distracts my ear from appreciating the music at hand, instead I'm racking my brain, trying to identify the musical influence.

Such is the case with the song Violet from the Nebraska-based shoe gaze outfit, See Through Dresses.  The song grabs me from its opening measure with overdriven synths and pulsing bass.  The drums are tight without being busy, fitting right in with the vibe.  Guitars are present, but subliminal.

Then there are the vocals of Mathew Carroll, tender and thoughtful, slightly hushed, more about the vibe that the dynamics.  As I listen to the vocal's melody line and tone, I am dumbstruck trying to place the influence.  Sure there is a fair share of Robert Smith to be had, but something else as well.  I can't seem to put my finger on it.

Shouting out to Righteous T, Richie Beans, and The Bard.  Please help me figure this one out.  Thanks.

Click Here to listen to Violet by See Through Dresses.


  1. Great song! It's a tough one...he does sound familiar. A little Ultravox, a tinge of Marc Almond, a little Ian McCullough..not so much Sisters of Mercy except for the first part of Lucretia My Reflection...sounds a little like that...(God, they were good.)

    I'll keep thinking.

  2. Righteous T,

    I dig this song, too. Good call on the Lucretia thing. Still can't pin it down...

    This song is on Episode 4 of 2017 in Aspic. Wondering what you think of the mix? The new stuff reminds me of those ancient cassette mixes of happy times. It would be fun to share a bottle and listen to those.

    OMD lurks...

    40 Watt


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