Fat's Left Hand

As a bass guitarist, I developed my personal playing style by studying the left hands of great blues and New Orleans pianists.  Men like Memphis Slim, Professor Longhair, and Johnnie Johnson.

They taught me how to sit in a groove, how to boogie, and how to jump.

A good friend recently posted some of our old recordings.  Listening to my bass lines, I found myself thinking "That's Pinetop Perkins.  That's Champion Jack Dupree."

But of all these pianists, my favorite to emulate is Fats Domino.  His left hand was all about the groove.  Compared with others, his touch was softer, playing fewer notes, sitting a little bit further back in the groove, allowing his tone to ring truer.

It is beautiful to listen to.  Check out the bass line on Blueberry Hill.  Everything you need to know about playing bass guitar is in Fat's left hand.

God Bless Fats Domino.