The Light Of Day - Kacy & Clayton

from the album The Siren's Song (2017)

I really dig the place on the musical spectrum that Kacy Anderson and Clayton Lithicum have carved out for themselves.  It is a stripped down, psychedelic folk music, full of tightly-balanced juxtaposition.  Vintage and fresh.  Macabre and uplifting.  Otherworldly and raw.  This brand of folk defies time and place.

Arriving at this delicious musical spot comes - in part - from their broad range of musical influences.  Leadbelly.  Bob Wills.  Shirley Collins.  Fairport Convention.  Mississippi John Hurt.  The Deep Dark Woods.

Another part likely comes from their upbringing in the relatively remote Wood Mountain Uplands of Saskatchewan.  I imagine that being raised there gives you an interesting perspective on music and how it relates to your immediate universe.  I also imagine it is a supportive community, perfect for learning a lexicon and honing your craft.

The first track on their latest album is called The Light Of Day.  It is a throwback psychedelic jangle, evoking a vibe that recalls both the Bay Area scene of the mid-60s and sun-drenched, Southern California highways of the early-70s.  Kacy's vocal stylings and Clayton's guitar tones easily fool the listener into believing they are listening to a lost classic from forty, or fifty, years ago.

The entire album is magnificent.  One of the best of the year.

Hope you dig it as much as I do.

Click Here to watch the official video of The Light Of Day.