2017 In Aspic - Episode 6

At first pass, this mix sounds like melodious alternative fare.  It is.  However, the more you listen, the more you realize just how fantastic the songwriting is.  Highlights include Father John Misty, Conor Oberst, and Frazey Ford.

Here is the playlist:

Over Everything by Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile

Hard Drugs by SUSTO

Preludes by Craig Finn

Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out by Conor Oberst

Gravity Rules by 5 Billion In Diamonds

Can't Hold On by Black Lips

Lacking In Your Love by Desperate Journalist

The Camp by PJ Harvey & Ramy Essam

The Last Ten Years by Mark Eitzel

When We Get By by Frazey Ford

Meat Is Murder by Tim Cohen

Ballad Of A Dying Man by Father John Misty

No. 5 Hurricane by Emily Barker

Poetry by Ray Davies

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  1. This episode of aspic was just what I needed to provide the background while reading on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks 40 watt for supplying the tunes, and keeping the vibes alive!


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