Girl On Saxophone X - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

from the album Paradise Has No Border (2017)

As their name suggests, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra are a Japanese band who specialize in ska.  what makes them extra tasty is how their music veers into other sub-genres in both rock and jazz.

I am really digging their tune Girl On Saxophone X.  This is a ska instrumental with a hard, uptempo backbeat.  Meanwhile, the guitars deliciously play with surf and sci-fi tones and riff.  the guitars are counterbalanced with a hard-driving horn section and groovy, textured organ.

A great track to kick off your next eclectic, hallucinogenic party.

Click Here to listen to Girl On Saxophone X.


  1. Yup, Ska music is the hip harmony that would make any hallucinogenic happening worthy of a spiritual visit from Dr. Hofmann himself. Count me in for a view of Lucy and her 25 skies of diamonds, as the orchestral vibes ensue.

    1. You got it, Jaba Man. I'll buy your ticket to the next ska show.


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