2017 In Aspic - Episode 8

I really dig the process of putting these mixes together.

Episode 8 began a few months ago as a mix of Dub and Reggae tunes that I had written about over the year.  But over time, songs from these genres were replaced one-by-one with eclectic tunes from the worlds of Electronic, Dream Pop, Hip-Hop, and Dance.

Each new addition morphed the mix into something better, rather than devolving the vibe.  Soon I was replacing replacement songs, as new tunes - by artists like Baxter Dury and Curtis Harding - found their way into my orb.

As I listen to the finished product, I still hear the dub that weaves - sometimes subliminally - throughout.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the journey of assembling it.

Here is the playlist:

Miami by Baxter Dury

Whoa! There's No Limit by Lord Echo

Ain't Nothing Changed by Loyle Carner

A Happy Heavy Dub by Dub Proof

Till The End by Curtis Harding

El├ęctrico by Sotomayor

Time To Get Alone by Zooey

Darling by Real Estate

Papaya by Stepart

Pleasure Dome by Fishing

Superstar by Hollie Cook

No Reason by Bonobo

Safe Changes by Talaboman

call the police by LCD Soundsystem

As always, you can find my entire collection of mixtape on my Mixcloud site.