Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex

from the album Cigarettes After Sex (2017)

Hats off to Cigarettes After Sex !!!

This band from El Paso - later relocating to Brooklyn - has produced the absolute best debut album of 2017, as well as one of my favorite song of the year - Apocalypse.

The music is dreamy and creamy, its tempos slow, its textures rich.  If you dig sitting alone listening to late night music, a cocktail in your hand, and a heaviness in your heart, this is your record.

The imagery transcends visualization, approaching emotive.  My favorite line:

Your lips, my lips

Sweet Lord, how have those words never been written before?

If you haven't heard this song, I hope you hear it now.  I hope your mind drifts back to days when you swayed with a partner - listening - as a singer sang a beautiful song, to tender kisses in a parked car on a cold night, and to all those other memories that make this life worth living.

This is truly a magnificent song.

Click Here to listen to Apocalypse.

Click Here to listen to the entire Cigarettes After Sex album in its entirety.  This includes K., one of the best "album 1 track 1" songs in recent memory.  It is an amazing record.  Even better with red wine and a hanky.