Deadly Valentine - Charlotte Gainsbourg

from the album Rest (2017)

Sorry to gush, but just the mention of Charlotte Gainsbourg sets my mind aflutter with visions and sounds for hours on end.

Her mother, perhaps the most beautiful woman Great Britain ever produced, in a bikini, giving Bridgette Bardot a run for her money.  Her father, the Bob Marley of French Pop, defining his nation's music for the past fifty years.

And then there is Charlotte, that crazy sex scene with Willem Defoe, hands coming from beneath tree roots, in Antichrist.  Singing Lemon Incest with her father at age 14.  Her incredible album IRM, with Beck molding the magnificent soundscape.

I could go on...

Instead, I'll shift to Deadly Valentine, the first song to win my heart on her latest album Rest.  The dark, forbiddingly groove juxtaposed with her ethereal voice.  An unapologetic love song with all the darkness you might expect.  Sonically complete.

I dig it all...

Click Here to watch the official music video to Deadly Valentine.