Don't Delete The Kisses - Wolf Alice

from the album Visions Of A Life (2017)

Merry Christmas and Peace On Earth, y'all.

Visions Of A Life by Wolf Alice is one of the best albums of the year.  It has a drive and energy that equate to intensity while still being softer, in an artsy kind of way.  I dig that.

My favorite track on the album is Don't Delete The Kisses.  Aside from being a great song, the title infers the union in the venn diagram of the physical and virtual worlds.  I dig that, too.

My mom is an octogenarian who - despite having been a computer wiz in her profession back, many decades ago - has never embraced social media or the Internet.  She easily could, but prefers to "live in the real world."

This year, the number of Christmas cards she received from family and friends were outpaced by cards from people wanting her money - or her vote - by a ratio of 8:1.  So, her creative answer was to take scores of Christmas cards she had saved from loved ones over the years and display them proudly on her mantel.

Many of those cards were from departed friends.  And although it might sound sad, it was truly beautiful.

So my Christmas message to my dear readers is "don't delete the kisses."  Someday, they might make a difference.

Click Here to watch the official video to Don't Delete The Kisses.