Dum Surfer - King Krule

from the album The OOZ (2017)

Swagger and groove.  Bravado and jazzy guitar licks.

Dum Surfer chronicles a woozy night of drinking in London, offering a detached and unromantic vision of the whole affair.  It attracts me in a post-punk, post-Bukowski kind of way.

Dumb surfer is giving me his cash
Won a bet for fifty and now I need a slash
Man that band that's playing, is playing fucking trash
Skunk and onion gravy, as my brain's potato mash

Kind of makes me wish that I was pub crawling with with Gareth and Sid and Non.  Staggering home, eating curry, trying to sleep, wondering who is vomiting down the hall.

I'm a step from madness as I puke on pavement slabs
Got a bit embarrassed, need to get back to the lab
In the debts of traffic, I was feeling like we crashed
With a girl from Slovak in a european cab

I dig the whole thing.  It's like a holiday card from hell.

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