Give Me All You Got - Airling

from the album Hard To Sleep, Easy To Dream (2017)

There was was a time, centuries ago, when the world was amazingly small.  Over the course of a lifetime, most people never travelled far from their villages and their lives were remarkably similar to prior generations in terms of opportunity and technology.

In these small communities, people could stand out.  Shine.  There was the woman who baked the best pies, the woman with the most beautiful garden, the brothers who distilled the finest whiskey.  In this world, people could excel, feel important, and be proud.

Then came the railroads.  The telegraph.  Suddenly, communities were better connected and people could taste better pies, visit more beautiful gardens, drink finer whiskey.  And sadly, many of those who once shined found themselves a bit more ordinary.

Fast forward to today.  We live in the blossoming of the Informations Age.  Commerce is global.  Intercontinental travel is measured in hours.  Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.  There are over two billion Facebook accounts.

How does one stand out?  How can a person avoid being ordinary?  Is it realistically worth the effort to try?

Of course, it is.  Your pie may not be the best on the planet, but the love you put into it means everything to the person you baked it for.

As we turn the page on 2017, let's commit to being the best we can be, making the most of all our seemingly ordinary skills to touch those near and dear to us.  Give it all you got.  You truly matter.

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