Miami - Baxter Dury

from the album Prince Of Tears (2017)

No introduction, just a beat and groove.  You are hooked in the first measure.  Enter the synthesizer and guitar trill with their 80s tones.  Next the female vocalist says "Welcome to Miami now."  We are locked in, ready for Baxter Dury to dazzle us with his vocal stylings, more spoken than sung, his British accent mesmerizing.

Listen to the way he says "salamander."

Listen to the way he says "I'm the sausage man."

Listen to the way he says "I'm the vicar."

All the while the groove is maintained.  It never lets up.

The guitar gets chunky.  The synths offer the sound of orchestrated strings.  The break has a near disco lift.

I am lost in yet another great Baxter Dury song.

Click Here to watch the music video for Miami by Baxter Dury.