New York - St. Vincent

from the album MASSEDUCTION (2017)

New York is my ancestral home  However, like many of my friends, I departed - many moons ago - to make a new life in a new city.

As I get a bit older, I feel the pendulum swinging back.  I find myself embracing and identifying with my inner New Yorker more than ever.  Some days, this prodigal son even dreams of returning.

Of all my friends and family who never left, there is one friend who I cherish most, the one whose friendship has meant the most over my adult life.  His name is Fred.

Sadly, Fred died last month.  Cancer.

Fred and I formed our first band when we were fifteen.  When we were twenty-two, we began writing songs together, publishing over eighty of them in the years that followed.  All of that largely ended when I moved away.  In my dreams - and his - we wanted to write songs together again one day.

There is something magical about writing songs with a friend.  It is a different experience than writing alone.  There is an intimate bond formed by sharing the creative process.

A few months ago, I spent some time in New York, visiting Fred.  Sitting by his side at the chemotherapy clinic, talking about old times and music.  We made a promise that when he beat cancer we would write songs together again.  It was a beautiful vision that will never be realized.

The song New York by St. Vincent, details being in NYC without the person who understands and connects with you most.  It is best captured in the line, "New York isn't New York without you."

I imagine Fred might have related with these lyrics when I left the city, all those years ago.  I sure do now.

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