No Distraction - Beck

from the album Colors (2017)

Colors is one of those albums that gives me fits.  In my perpetual quest for the best new songs, determining which one song to write about from this record has become something nearing a full-time obsession.

But after a few months of driving around the city with the radio turned loud, I am ready to proclaim the song No Distraction as the one I dig most.

Musically, the beat, groove, and vibe the opening evokes an early era approximation of The Police.  I dig that.

However, once the vocals kick in, it is Beck, laying down some feel-good, retro, early-80s stylings that hook me on every level.

I am particularly fond of when he sings:

Pull you to the left
Pull you to the right
Pull you in all directions

When I finally shared my selection with a Beck-loving, funky friend, she said:  "Of course you picked that song, it is the best track on the record."  That may be true, but...

Click Here to listen to No Distraction by Beck.