Real Death - Mount Eerie

from the album A Crow Looked At Me (2017)

Even ahead of its release this March, most of the websites, bloggers, and impresarios I respect were raving about the forthcoming Mount Eerie album, A Crow Looked At Me.  "Sad and Brilliant" seemed to be the consensus.

I gave it a spin and felt nothing.  I repeated this throughout the Spring.  Still nothing.

Then I gave it another spin over the Thanksgiving weekend.  This time, it felt more like a gift.

About three weeks earlier, one of my dearest friends - and one-time songwriting partner - died of cancer.  I found myself frozen, pen and notepad on the coffee table, acoustic guitar in my hand, expecting some inspiration to come.  That magic moment when everything I was feeling would come pouring out.  Beautiful, spontaneous art.

But it never came.  I was - and still am - processing the loss.  Grief attenuates creativity.  You just don't realize it at the time.

So on a late autumn's night, I decided to dust off Mount Eerie's latest album.  Track One was titled Real Death.  I thought, "Oh good, this will cheer me up."   And, amazingly, it did.  The minimalistic approach to the music put all of the emphasis on the lyrics, that advised:

Death is real
Someone is there, and then they're not
And it's not for singing about
It's not for making into art
When real death enters the house, all poetry is dumb
When I walk into the room where you were
And look into the emptiness instead
All fails

My knees fail
My brain fails
Words fail

It was exactly the message that I needed to hear.  It made it alright to put down the guitar, get back to business, and process the loss on my own timetable.

This week, I've started writing about Fred.  I am still not sure if it is gibberish, but that will work itself out.  It's all part of a process.  I've succumbed to that.

I can largely thank this record, one that I had previously discarded, for offering me some much needed perspective.

Click Here to listen to Real Death by Mount Eerie.