Something To Remember Me By - The Horrors

from the album V (2017)

One of the absolute best songs of 2016 was a tune called Drag by Cat's Eyes, a duo consisting of classically-trained soprano Rachel Zeffina and indie rocker Farris Badwan.

Now in 2017, Farris Badwan has struck again, this time with his main project The Horrors and the song Something To Remember Me By.

In recent years, The Horrors have been touring with great New Music bands like New Order and DePeche Mode.  you hear this in their sound, which has evolved in might over the years from a Bauhaus club style of music to a sound that can fill arenas.

I dig the pulsing bass, the intertwining synth lines, and Ferris Badwan's vocal stylings.  Listening, it is easy for your mind to drift to distant days.  This is an excellent record.

Click Here to listen to Something To Remember Me By by The Horrors.

Click Here to read my May 2016 blog post on Drag by Cat's Eyes.


  1. Something to remember me by -
    Biologically disposed, but economically exposed. Life curated via CRISPR par chance to dream upon a subtle component of instinctual desire - for survival (e.g. remembrance).

    1. I keep wondering if that "something" can be virtual? I recently had a relationship end where I left nothing tangible, just some hubabaloo that will live in cyberspace forever, and possibly a heart palpitation every time a certain Neko Case song plays.


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