Thinking Of A Place - The War On Drugs

from the album A Deeper Understanding (2017)

With its extended length (over 11 minutes) and a modern, rambling vibe that evokes comparisons to Neil Young and Bob Dylan for its '70s FM radio sheen and its exquisite guitar and harmonica work, Thinking Of A Place is perhaps my favorite song of 2017.

My fascination with this song is driven from its lyrics.  Its use of metaphor is poetic, Homeric, and beautiful, with light serving as a metaphor for love.  Conversely, darkness represents love's absence.

The song opens with the singer laying on the banks of the Missouri River - in Little Banks, South Dakota - basking in the sunlight, which slips into darkness.  From there, the singer follows the moon across the countryside, trying endlessly to recapture the light.

Instrumental and vocal melodies serpentine, as the haunting chorus speaks to the quest for love:

I'm moving through the dark
Of a long black night
Just moving with the moon
And the light it shines
And I'm thinking of a place
And it feels so real
Just moving through the dark

The song ends with a plea to unite with the light, and live as one with love.

It is uncommon to find a rock song that rings with such beauty.

Click Here to listen to Thinking Of A Place.