Till The End - Curtis Harding

from the album Face Your Fear (2017)

The Atlanta music scene is really "a tale of two cities" - black and white.

I find it sad that there is so little crossover.  In a city with so much talent, one can only imagine the possibilities...

Curtis Harding is a notable exception.  He can effortlessly transition from writing and singing back-ups with Cee Lo Green, to collaborating with psychedelic rockers Black Lips, to playing an acoustic set at Eddie's Attic.  This city (and really this planet) need more artists like him.

His new album is a fantastic.  It plays heavy to vintage R&B and soul grooves, while also keeping an air of crossover appeal that reminds me (at times) of Fine Young Cannibals.

My favorite track is Till The End.  It is a 60's go-go vibe driven by a deep bass groove and muscular horns.  Curtis Harding's vocals are a study in timeless perfection, as are the female backing vocals.

Other elements are equally stellar.  Check out the humor found in the conversational dialogue hiding under the main vocal, or in the perfectly-placed bridge:

I'm gonna tell you right now, baby
Whatever the fuck you do
You're shit drives me crazy, darlin'
But we're gonna see this through

From there, the song nails an acoustic guitar solo.

Produced by Sam Cohen, this song is a highlight of 2017.  Check it out.

Click Here to listen to Till The End by Curtis Harding.