To The Moon And Back - Fever Ray

from the album Plunge (2017)

The music starts with an innocent jungle vibe that transitions into something a bit more industrial and hard.  Next, synthesizers enter, offering a sense of majesty.  Our odyssey has begun.  Fever Ray is taking us To The Moon And Back.

Then the lyrics enter and we learn that this is not a trip into deep space, but rather a sexual voyage that builds to a rather explicit climax.

I dig this song for its vibe and its sense of adventurism.  It is a spirit that I find too often lacking in most of the music I come across these days.  Hats off to Fever Ray!

Click Here to watch the official music video for To The Moon And Back.


  1. To the moon and back, wow!

    Sappho sexual, psychotic erotic, and still with a message of truth - in that, like the moon visit, it squeezed the juice from the moment and left the vehicle in obscurity - similar to a revived then exhausted party favor. Art does indeed reflect life, in its grandeur and subliminal obscurities.


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