We Go High - Mavis Staples

from the album If All I Was Was Black (2017)

In an unrelated project, I have spent much time over the past four months compiling quotations by famous people.  The objective is to use these quotes to better engage workers - ranging from 20-70 years of age - in a business environment.

As you can imagine, it is very easy to find quotes by famous men.  Particularly white men.  Finding quotes by women - particularly women of color - is more problematic.

One day, I found myself researching quotations by U.S. First Ladies.  I found that only a small handful - such as Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Barbara Bush - had quotes suitable for my project.  However, the one first lady whose quotes kept coming up was Michelle Obama.

One of her most famous quotes is memorialized here in the song We Go High by Mavis Staples.

As I listen, I try to imagine how gratifying and humbling it must have been for Michelle Obama to hear the song for the first time.  The 60's freedom tones coupled with the righteous inspiration of Mavis Staples' vocals.  I bet it gave her chills.

Click Here to listen to We Go High by Mavis Staples.