9/10 - Jeff Rosenstock

from the album POST- (2018)

On occasion, there are these curious moments when the music I am listening to perfectly aligns with the moment I find myself in.  Tonight was one of those occasions.

After a particularly unproductive work day, I found myself sitting on the subway, mind adrift, headphones on, listening to the latest album by Jeff Rosenstock.  The ninth track of the ten track album was titled 9/10.  I was humored by this, wondering if it fit the definition of a double entendre.

At that precise moment, I received a text message from a high school friend who made a double entendre about the Atlanta mass transit system (Marta) and a high school classmate (also named Marta).

That got me thinking about one of Marta's friends, which is not an uncommon occurrence.  At that precise moment, the chorus of the song 9/10 kicks in:

9 times out of 10, I'll be stoned on the subway
Reading backlit directives on what I should do
Dodging eye contact with anyone who looks my way
9 times out of 10, I'll be thinking of you

NOTE TO READERS:  If you are wondering "am I you", then, yes, you is you; provided you are who I think you are.  If you are not, then - no - you are not you.

The whole thing is a bit of a cosmic pretzel, 'ey?

Anyhow, I really dig the song (and the rest of the record) (and moments when music and my reality decussate).

Click Here to listen to 9/10 by Jeff Rosenstock.