Chasing Stars - Alice Ivy

from the album I'm Dreaming (2018)

On the song Chasing Stars, the beautiful bounce of Alice Ivy's beats and the magnificence of Bertie Blackman's capacious vocals come together to form a most enjoyable sonic experience.

For me, it all starts with the beat.  Listen to its simplicity, but also its bounce.  I makes me feel like a miniature gigolo in a bouncy house keeping time with this playful beat.  The synths also add to the song's fun foundation.

From there, I fancy the vocals.  Imagine being able to sing like that!

This is an unadulterated dance song.  However, not the type you might hear in a NYC nightclub, but rather on your next vacation.

Can't wait to queue this one up at my next pool party.

Click Here to listen to Chasing Stars by Alice Ivy.