Cheap Date - Caitlyn Smith

from the album Starfire (2018)

Many of my favorite recording artists of all-time started off as songwriters before ultimately deciding to record and release their own material.  This list includes Willie Nelson, Carol King, Roy Orbison, and on and on and on.

Add to that list Caitlyn Smith.  Over the past five years, her songs have been recorded by Garth Brooks, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Rodgers & Dolly Parton, Rascal Flatts, and Meghan Trainors #1 hit Like I'm Gonna Lose You (featuring John Legend).

Last week, Caitlyn Smith released her debut album, Starfire.  It is loaded with some of the best Nashville songwriting one could imagine; no doubt leaving many of an artist wishing they could have recorded any of songs on this album.

For me, the closing track - Cheap Date - is the immediate favorite.  An intimate composition for piano and vocals, the song exudes a warmth that makes you feel as though she is singing in the next room.  As the song evolves, bass, drums, and an acoustic guitar provide tasteful accompaniment.

And then there are the magnificent backing vocals, their hum perfectly complimenting the lead vocal...

This is the perfect song for sitting up late at night, alone, with a bottle of your favorite wine.

Click Here to listen to Cheap Date by Caitlyn Smith.