Connected By Love - Jack White

from the single Connected By Love (2018)

Connected By Love is a new Jack White song that manages to be manic, melodious, and multifarious all within the same song.

Most of this has to do with the wild array of musicians that are assembled on this recording.  They have played in such diverse bands as The Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger, David Byrne, Beyoncé, and John Scofield; with the icing on the cake are the incredible gospel stylings of two of the three McCrary Sisters.  Collectively, they deliver a big sound that defies boundaries.

My favorite moments in the song are in the verses, when there is a near Freddie Mercury vibe.  Few artists go there, but with this powerhouse band and the big gospel backing vocals, the song can soar in the chorus and breaks, which juxtaposes the verses.  It is fascinating to listen to.

I am also freakishly enamored with the synthesizer solo.  I like to crank it as loud as the car, or building, can bare.  Once you feel that synth, you will be transformed.

There is no musician quite like Jack White.  Cherish every song.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Connected By Love by Jack White.


  1. You're right Jack White is the best. I'm the midst of a serious binge listen and this is a great treat for the ears! The oddity of the poetry in each song coupled with a modern sound, but yet delivered as a deeply affected R&B rehash is riveting.

    1. Thanks Jaba B.

      I dig the way that Jack White absorbs suh a broad spectrum of music and synthesizes it into something that is distinctly Jack White.


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