Count To Five - Rhye

from the album Blood (2018)

If you dig a great vibe, then you dig Rhye.

Their sound intertwines electronic, funk, lounge, and dance to create a sultry, blue, haze of smoke.  The vocals are gender-bending, sexy, and magnificent.  No other band sounds like this.  It is the sound of ecstasy, whether experienced in a hip, big city lounge or in a private bedroom.

Funny thing about ecstasy, it comes in many forms.  Sometimes, more than one.

Of the pre-released songs on Rhye's forthcoming album, Blood, my favorite track is Count To Five.  This confession of desire has a grove that drived me wild.  The bass line and drum beat are locked incredibly tight, accented by tasty, funky-disco rhythm guitar.  The arrangement breaks down and builds back up in precisely the perfect moments.  A hint of orchestration, in spots, takes you back to 70's AM radio; while the harder synths, firmly plant the song in the now.

Milosh's vocals are simply out of this world.

I think we could all use some infectious, downtempo grooves to counterbalance this insane ride we are currently on.  If you agree, this song will fit nicely into your mix.

Click Here to listen to Count To Five by Rhye.

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