Every 1's A Winner - Ty Segall

from the album Freedom's Goblin (2018)

I really dig the brisk cadence that Ty Segall has established in releasing new material.

It seems that every three or four months we are treated to a new creation.  Sometimes it is an album, other times an EP or a single.  Sometimes it is with a full band, sometimes a collaboration, sometimes a lo-fi home recording.

This practice of continually releasing, continually promoting, continually evolving is well suited for modern times.  It is a mantra each of us should adopt.  Scores of software weenies have made countless millions with this technique.

On his forthcoming 19-song album Freedom Goblins, I am really digging the tune Every 1's A Winner.  This is a cover song by the great British soul-funk-disco band Hot Chocolate, whose classic You Sexy Thing made the Top Ten music charts in three decades.

Every 1's A Winner is the perfect choice for Ty Segall.  He is able to take the hard rockin' guitars and punched up funk groove of the original and fuzz them out a bit.  He then sings falsetto in the verses, dropping down to his normal range for the chorus.  This creates a magical hook that keeps me singing along.

I also dig the drumming, getting a real kick out of the little taps on the cymbal bell.  That was a real 70's funk and disco signature.  The drummer must have been smiling when he chose to go there.

Everything about this song is a winner.

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