Everybody Wants To Be Famous - Superorganism

from the single Everybody Wants To Be Famous (2018)

Everybody wants and nobody's ashamed
Everybody wants you to know their name

Count me in.  I want to be famous; the star of the show, the big kahuna.  Don't you?

I suppose that only leaves one question:  What's your plan?

For Superorganism, the plan is to march to their own drum, creating a world of music that breaks rules and resonates with folks around the world.  They are an eight-person collective of music and film Do-It Yourselfers living in a London terrace apartment.  Here they use commonly available tools - like Garageband - to create their art with all the grandeur of a giant record label, although they are just a group of likeminded people with laptops and synthesizers.

I dig their story and their vibe.

I also dig their song Everybody Wants To Be Famous.  It is an infectious sing-along that juxtaposes its pop sensibility with a tongue firmly panted in their cheek.  It reminds me of early new wave bands, like The Waitresses, doing songs like I Know What Boys Like.

When I finish listening to this single, I get so disappointed.  I want to hear more.

Question:  Should you quit your day job, join a collective, and strike out to be famous at any cost?

Answer:  Yes!

Click Here to listen to Everybody Wants To Be Famous by Superorganism.