Friction - Shame

from the album Songs Of Praise (2018)

Shame is a London-based quintet who sound recalls the glory of great Manchester bands, like The Fall and The Stone Roses.

My favorite track on their debut album is Friction.  I like the way it bounces, the vocal delivery, the guitar riffing, and all its post-punk vigor.  I also dig the social righteousness of the lyrics.  It is not too in your face, but rather offering a nudge to the listener, as the opening lines of Friction demonstrate:

Do you ever help the helpless?
Do you give them any time?
Do you ever bully you conscience and detach from your mind?
Well, do you ever need the needy?
Do they ever tug on your heart?
Or do you determine the person in question is simply worlds apart?

When I rapid click through all the new indie and alternative songs, this band - and this song - explode from the speakers.  They are a superior force that cannot be ignored.

Click Here to listen to Friction by Shame.