Hey Heartbreaker - Dream Wife

from the album Dream Wife (2018)

Bold and unabashed, Dream Wife is a new band out of London that swirl a riotous mix of punk and garage with an understated sense of  pop to create a fantastic, energetic sound.  I am tempted to describe it as Savages meets The Bangles, but that doesn't properly capture their attitude and edge.

They are in on a joke, playing with you, and you love it because you get to be in their presence.

Hey Heartbreaker is my favorite of the many stand out tracks on their debut album.  A driving beat, pulsing bass, and raw guitar provide the backdrop for the vocal stylings of Rakel Mjöll.  Born in Iceland, she is the perfect frontwoman for rock and roll.  Brash and beautiful.  In your face.  You're never sure if you want to be her, or be with her.

I also love the scampy delivery of the backing vocals and the use of hand claps.  It appeals to all of my lo-fi punk sensibilities.

Prepare yourself.  They may be your next favorite band.

Click Here to watch an animated video of Hey Heartbreaker by Dream Wife.

Click Here for a music video for Hey Heartbreaker that includes some performance clips.

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