I Love LA - Starcrawler

from the album Starcrawler (2018)

So, when I think about he spirit of rock and roll, I imagine a band of young adults going into a studio and playing their hearts out.  It is lo-fi.  It is raw.  It is full of energy and enthusiasm.  Then some DJ, somewhere, starts playing the tune and it catches wildfire, propelling the young band into stardom.

That is it.  The rock and roll fantasy.

This runs through my mind as I listen to Starcrawler, a four-piece unit out of Los Angeles whose charismatic, eighteen year-old front woman Arrow de Wilde has a curious obsession with the music of Ozzy.  It is everything you want in a debut album.

My favorite track (thus far) is I Love LA.  Overdriven guitars, manic drumming, and pulsing bass coupled with a captivating singer.  Straight from the garage to your living room.

Making this record even more curious is its producer, Ryan Adams.  You can hear his touch, but more his attitude.  I imagine him guiding the band with advice like, "Just fucking be yourselves and rock out."  That do exactly that.

Long live rock.

Click Here to watch the official video for I Love LA by Starcrawler.