Love You So Bad - Ezra Furman

from the album Transangelic Exodus (2018)

If you could be in my workspace, you would find - in one corner - an iMac sitting on a desk with a MIDI interface beside it.  The desk is further adorned with a microphone, an eight channel Mackie board, Genelec speakers, and studio headphones.

In another corner, there is a comfy, black leather chair and ottoman.  On the drink table beside it, you would find a drink along with a notebook filled with lyrics and ideas for lyrics.

The third corner is a shrine, containing that beautiful Fender Jazz bass I bought - many moons ago - with the proceeds from a favorable "black market" exchange rate in Paramaribo.  The Jazz has brand new strings, a new strap, and a vintage-looking cord that plugs handsomely into a Fender Rumble 500 amplifier.

In the final corner, lays a sweet rottweiler named Cupcake.

This gear is helping to produce the best bass tone I've ever created; deep bass that sounds round without sounding bright.  When you strike a single, low-end note, there is a flatness to the thud that feels both numbing and menacing at the same time.  I dig that.

It is great to be making music again.  It is low-fi.  It is DIY.  It sounds like Lou Reed rambling over a downtempo, Tina Weymouth-inspired bass groove and a primitively-played drum machine.

Sometimes, I'm working on beats and grooves.  Other times, I'm working on lyrics and vocals.  If not, I'm listening to other people's tunes.

I find myself really digging the song Love You So Bad by Ezra Furman.  The simplicity of the instruments, arrangement, and production resonates with me, as does its dynamics, sense of melody, and vocal delivery.

However, the thing that really keeps me hooked is the level of detail and craft that goes into every element of this record.  It makes the song human and vulnerable.

I am also enamored with the production.  I love how it is not as big and lush as you might expect on this type of song.  Instead, it sounds like music being made in a room similar to this one.

A small, happy, and creative space.

Click Here to watch the music video for Love You So Bad.


  1. Wow... Loved it...thanks for finding this one :)

    One thing sticks out, other than the theme- Never saw the words “hymnal” and “criminal” put together in a rhyme before.


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