New For You - Hinds

from the album I Don't Run (2018)

I remember back in the 90s, being a part of a fertile music scene.  On any given night, I would find myself on stage, jamming out our ever-evolving set, focused on being the absolute best bass player I could be.

A common occurrence at these gigs would be that creepy sense that someone was staring at me.  Of cause people notice you, you are performing on a stage; but this was different, kind of like you had a stalker.

Looking around, you would almost always find a pair of menacing, vulturine eyes in a dark, dank corner of the club; staring at your every move.  These were the bass players from other Atlanta bands.  They check you out, judge you, discredit you, and - ultimately - steal you grooves.

That is because, in any city, the band scene is highly competitive.  Pick up a book about the NYC jazz scene of the 1940s, to the Chicago scene of the 1950s, and you will read of similar tales.  It is all part of the game.

The other side of the coin are the friendships that some bands strike.  We had a few.  Those kinships were special.  Eating, drinking, gigging, and all the other nameless acts.  Hail, Hail Rock n' Roll!

This experience leaves me forever drawn to groups of band's that share this comradely.  My favorite example are The Fun Boy Three and Bananarama.  They gigged together, played on each other's records, wrote songs together.  How cool must that have been for them?

My favorite current example are two Spanish bands: The Parrots and Hinds.  Check out either groups videos, and you are likely to find members of the other band making a cameo or joining in the jam.

In particular, I am enamored with Hinds.  This group of girls make indie rock that doesn't seem to give a shit about anything other than their own good time.  I really dig that.

New For You is a pre-release from their forthcoming album.  It is a happy, bouncing, lo-fi, indie tune. It sounds like it comes from a local band, making music, having the time of their lives.

I wish I could go back in time and be their friends.

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