Pink Squirrel - Creep Show

from the album Mr. Dynamite (2018)

If you are unfamiliar with John Grant, I recommend that you check him out.

A fantastic singer and songwriter, his music is connects with listeners through a strong sense of melody and groove coupled with very human and thoughtful lyrics.  His first band, The Czars, released six albums beginning around 2006.  The music was a brand of alternative folk that managed to take listeners to unexpected places.  Over the years, I have come to adore songs like Killjoy and Paint The Moon.

Subsequently, he has embarked on a solo career and a series of collaborations that have replaced the folk vibe with electronica.  I urge you to check out his 2013 song GMF, or his performance on Hercules and Love Affair's I Try To Talk To You.

His latest project is Creep Show, a collaboration with the electronic dance trio Wrangler.  I've been listening to the first single - Pink Squirrel - an interesting synth song comprised of of post-punk order edged riffing juxtaposed with a 70's R&B vibe.  I dig it for its uniqueness and the way the groove hooks me.

It is part of the continued evolution of this artist.  He has earned his place in my mind space with his talent and thoughtfulness.  To readers like Richie Beans, Righteous T. and The Bard - dig deep, you will love this guy.

Click Here to listen to Pink Squirrel by Creep Show.

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