Shadow People - The Limiñanas

from the album Shadow People (2018)

As I start my seventh year of writing this blog, I find myself reflecting on many of the talented emerging artists whose songs I've written about.  Kinda my own version of "Where Are They Now?"

Sadly, too many artists lose their way, falling into any of four categories:

     --> Artists who become distracted, change their focus, and lose their essence.
     --> Artists who cannot sustain quality in their songwriting and performances.
     --> Artists who cannot sustain a regular cadence in releasing new material, causing their audience to lose interest.
     --> Artists who simply disappear.

Less common are the artists who repeatedly release excellent material, evolving their artistry and craftsmanship along the way.

The Limiñanas are one such band.

Shadow People is a pre-released song from their forthcoming album of the same name.  I dig it on many levels.

In the introduction, listen as the acoustic guitar, drums, and keyboard quickly come together, these individual instruments melding - almost instantly - into a single unified sound.  Then listen to the bass run.  It is not a steady bass line that drives every measure of the song, but rather an occasional run; a technique that creates an essential hook in the composition.

Now listen to the vocals (and the backing vocals).  They evoke a remembrance of John Lennon's Beatles tunes, elevating the song both psychedelically and emotionally.  This is complimented by a complex arrangement that uses dynamics to build, release, and build again; taking the listener on a fantastic journey.

I can't wait for the full album to be released.  I'm certain it will become a favorite.

Click Here to listen to Shadow People by The Limiñanas.