Tear Down Level 22 - Streetboxxer

from the EP Tear Down Level 22 (2018)

The SB-246 is a discontinued drum machine that was once manufactured by the Zoom Corporation of Tokyo.  It was a lower-end piece of gear whose tonal options were targeted towards the hip-hop community.  It was affectionately known as The Streetboxx.

Recording as "Streetboxxer," recording artist Samo DJ pays homage to this piece of vintage lo-fi electronic gear. I dig that.

The song Tear Down Level 22 consists of a ragga/dub sheen over modern dancehall beats.  The beats - I assume - are courtesy of an SB-246.  I am instantly drawn to the "tin" sound of the hi-hat and bounce of the toms.  As simple as it all seems, I find it to be as catchy as a good-looking fluorine atom (that is a newly invented metaphor, thank you)!

I am certain that this song will slide right into a few of the mixes I am working on.  The song's pleasing groove and abrupt ending will make it fun to play with.

Hope you enjoy...

Click Here to listen to Tear Down Level 22 by Streetboxxer.