The Good Side - Troye Sivan

from the single The Good Side (2018)

Troye Sivan is a remarkably talented 22 year-old actor and musician from Perth, Australia.   He is best known for playing the young-version of Hugh Jackman's title character in 2008's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Now, I normally steer clear of the Tiger Beat types when writing this blog.  However, if you dig it, how can it be wrong?

I find myself drawn to Troye Sivan's latest single. The Good Side.  It is a downtempo tune which makes it well-suited for the natural baritone of his voice.  I always dig that combination.

I also dig that he driving instrument in this song is an acoustic guitar.  So much of the music produced today has a heavy electronic touch.  The clean, lightly-flanged tone of this song's acoustic guitar beautifully juxtaposes the other songs and sets it apart.  The flange really gives it a 70's AM radio, breezy highway vibe.

Troye Sivan is a talented fellow.  You should check him out.

Click Here to listen to The Good Side by Troye Sivan.