The Priest - Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake

from the single The Priest (2017)

Just before Christmas, Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake released The Priest, a song intended to tease ahead of a forthcoming Johnny Marr solo album, due out in Spring 2018.

This song is spoken word over a musical soundscape.  The words were written by Joe Gallagher, who lived homeless on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland from May 2015 thru March 2016.  During this time he documented the characters he met and published them in The Big Issue under the pseudonym of James Campbell.  The Priest is one of those characters.

Maxine Peake performs these words exquisitely.  Rather than the theatrical stylings we often associate with spoken word, we are treated to a conversational tone in a lower-income British dialect. I dig the meter, tone, and inflection of the words.

The musical backdrop represents Johnny Marr at his best.  Guitars with swirling reverb and fuzz, a steady, muscular beat, and a subliminal bass groove that holds the entire affair together.  I could listen to this vibe for hours, as it fills my head with the hypnotics of an expansive sound over a circular and repetitive groove.

I hope you dig this one as much as I do.

Click Here to watch a music video - or is it a short film? - for The Priest.

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