YouTubular - Ron Gallo

from the EP Real Nice Guys (2018)

Whether you are a drummer, bassist, or guitarist, the lure of playing an intense surf guitar song is nearly irresistible.

For the drummer, it is a primitive desire.  After all, these are humans who get off on beating a skin with a stick.  Their inner caveman often feels stymied by the beat's requirement that they focus their attention on the hi-hat, snare drum, and base drum.  In surf, the drummer gets to thunderously roll from tom-tom to tom-tom.  This offers the freedom and release they need.

For the bassist, it offers a moment to play hard-driving riffs designed for the bass to boom.  The patterns are structured. yet liberating.  Bass matters.  A surf guitar song without bass is simply a handful of idiots making noise.

For the guitarist, it is ecstasy.  That opportunity to be a master of reverb. releasing their inner Guitar God by playing amazing licks for the adoring audience who worships their fretwork.  As Dick Dale famously wrote:  "Listen to the King of the Surf Guitar.  Listen, listen to the King!"  Alas, justice is served.

I assure you that thoughts very similar to these bounce through the brains of Ron Gallo and company whenever they play Youtubular, an original surf composition with a clever name.

Listen to the drummer as he maniacally releases his pent-up, carnal vigor.  A true savage in the moment.  He is followed by the bass player, who silently exalts "I am the bottom!"

Lastly, the guitarist.  Riffs and reverb.  Eat this Ventures.  Wipe-Out my ass!

But the other thing is that the audience, or the listener, also gets off on the sonic release of a good surf guitar song.  I - for one - always dig it.

Click Here to listen to Youtubular by Ron Gallo.