Darlin' Playa - Phonk D

from the EP Disco Goodies (2018)

This week was a bit surreal for me.

I was in Seattle working on a project with a team of people easily a generation younger than I am.  While there is nothing new or revelatory about that, this time it felt somehow different.  There was a vibe that I've never experienced before.

Paranoia told me that they were unaccepting of me due to the age difference.  I also wondered if it was that East Coast Techie / West Coast Techie dynamic.  Either way, it was a bit awkward.

So, on my flight back to ATL, I was reveling in Phonk D's latest EP - Disco Goodies - and my favorite track on the record Darlin' Playa.

This song has an old school disco thing going on, with tones and grooves sounding like something out of 1970s NYC.  There is a conga track thrown in the mix that makes the song feel somewhat foreign, in a Spanish Harlem kind of way.

The song continues to morph away from old school disco with jazz guitar elements and a heavy-handed house beat.  These are the stylings of Phonk D.  This German DJ manages to meld late-70s NYC with a current day Berlin; two very different worlds that sound good together.

This song is a fitting metaphor for my trip and made the cross-country flight far more enjoyable.

Click Here to listen to Darlin' Playa by Phonk D.