Evan Finds The Third Room - Khruangbin

from the album Con Todo El Mundo (2018)

Khruangbin is a three-piece instrumental band from Texas whose sound emulates Thai funk of the 1960s.  They take their inspiration from Quentin Tarantino soundtracks and classic surf tunes.  Their name is Thai, translating to "Engine Fly" in english.

Their second album - Con Todo El Mundo - is a marvelously groovy affair.  In its entirety, I find it to be one of the most listenable vibes in recent memory.

My "go to track" on the record is Evan Finds The Third Room.  I cannot get enough of the catchy bass groove, the simple - yet tasty - drumming, and the reverb-drenched funky guitar.  I also dig the vocal elements and how they add vital hooks to an already hook-laden tune.

It is psychedelic.  It is funky.  It has a hint of disco.  Yet it is unlike anything you hear in the current musical spectrum.  Fantastico !!!

Click Here to listen to Evan Finds The Third Room by Khruangbin.