How To Socialize & Make Friends - Camp Cope

from the album How To Socialize & Make Friends (2018)

One night, I was clicking about in search of some good new music when I came across a song titled How To Socialize & Make Friends.  "What a clever name," I thought.  In the time since then, I have grown increasingly fond of this song.

The song connects with the listener the moment you click "play."  The bass, guitar, and drums are instantly in full motion, with a guitar lick that reminds me of The Cure.  Hitting it hard from the opening note used to be commonplace in the days when music was primarily consumed on the radio. Think of old shows, like Name That Tune, when contestants could name a song in three notes.  That is not so much the case with the majority of songs today.

The next thing that grabs me is singer-guitarist Georgia MacDonald's voice.  The tones are more rock and roll than pretty.  She is a woman with an attitude, delivering her message straight-up into the microphone with dashes of anger, woe, and melody.

Her lyrics have a visual imagery that resonates with me.  I particularly enjoy the line "I'm riding my bike with no handlebars through empty streets in the dark, and I think I'm getting pretty good."

I also dig the line "I heard it from a friend."  It reminds me of the old REO Speedwagon tune and leaves me singing the balance of the REO line to the melody of this song.  It is fun, and arguably the better melody.

As I listen deeper, I am drawn to he drumming of Sarah Thompson.  The beat is rock steady and her work on the toms is stellar.

For all these reasons, and more, I really enjoy this song and cannot wait to here more music from Camp Cope.

Click Here to listen to How To Socialize & Make Friends by Camp Cope.