It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) - Peggy Gou

from the single It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (2018)

As the years slowly turn, a fondness for my childhood home - in the shadows of NYC - seems to perpetually swell.  Where I once couldn't wait to escape its grasp, I now think of it in mostly idyllic terms.

Some of my favorite memories are of a free summer concert series that our town sponsored each year.  A mobile bandshell would be erected on the baseball fields at Brookwood Hall and some of the greatest musicians of the jazz world would venture out from Manhattan to perform.

My musical friends were always most excited for these shows.  Drummers would rave about Buddy Rich.  Trumpeters would a gaga over Maynard Ferguson.  The town of Brentwood would invade for Tito Puente.  I attended dozens of these shows, riding bicycles with my saxophonist friend Desi.  They were wonderful days.

My favorite of these artists was Lionel Hampton.  I was completely absorbed in watching him play the vibraphone.  Sometimes he would look up smiling appreciatively at his most-excellent bandmates.  At other times, he would put his head down and concentrate as he banged out chords and rhythms that set my hair on fire.

Memories of Lionel Hampton come back to me when I listen to It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou.  This song's disco-tinged house vibe features a vibraphone-styled track (likely a synthesizer) that unlocks my memories.

I am fascinated at the promise of the intersection between jazz and electronica.  I believe that if Lionel Hampton were alive and making music today, he would explore this intersection.

Aside from the use of "vibes,"  I like the softness of the groove and how it benefits from a feminine touch.  I also dig the understated quality to her vocals.  For me, this allows the song to be less "big city club" and more something I can enjoy while surfing the web.

Good stuff.

Click Here to listen to It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou.