Jukebox Babe - Moon Duo

from the single Jukebox Babe / No Fun (2018)

It is Saturday Night and I'm getting started way too late.  How am I gonna ramp my buzz up quick enough to properly get down with my funky friends?

I start with espressos - four of them - to amp up.  Next stop is booze.  No time for beer or wine tonight, so it is straight to the hard liquor.  After some consternation, I settle on a double Jim Beam & Diet Coke.  It is probably not the perfect choice, but - hey - it's close enough.  After two hurried drinks in the kitchen, I enter my destination into Uber, fix a strong roadie, and head out the door.

The scene in front of the club is busy.  Ladies rummaging through purses, applying lipstick.  Lots of texting.  There are a couple of dudes in hoodies, looking suspicious.  Then, as if scripted, one of my funky friends emerges from around the corner, looking - and smelling - stoned.

We head inside.  It is crowded and loud.  I buy us a couple of drinks.  We circle the joint looking for our friends.  Unsuccessful, he texts them.  They are out on the patio grabing a smoke.  We join them.  I watch the smoke rise from their mouths and fingers, half a dozen tiny factories feeding the flat, slowly-expanding layer of blue haze that hangs beneath an obnoxious flood light.  To think that Generation Vape is going to miss out on experiences like this...

I contemplate my buzz and worry that I'll never catch up, never find the right head.  After making sure they are not menthols, I bum a cigarette from a friend.  She throws me a "sure, but you are not a smoker" look and sets me up.  Apparently, she is unaware of my pack-a-year habit.

I inhale.  Soon, I feel the drug working its way through my circulatory system.  I tingle and hyperspace into the next realm.  Jim Beam without Diet Coke.  The speakers boom.  The bass pulses.  I meld with the music...

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