Silent Boogie - Sunwatchers

from the album II (2018)

Sunwatchers are a Brooklyn quartet whose music straddles the line between psychedelic rock and jazz.  What I dig about this band is that they attempt to convey a strong, direct message through their music, despite the songs being instrumentals.

In political terms, their point of view leans hard to the left.  The cover of their latest album - II - proudly proclaims: We stand in solidarity with the dispossessed, impoverished, and embattled people of the world.  Within their record sleeve, you will find something of an extended manifesto, stating their beliefs, and closing with the righteous statement: If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything.

Based on their political sentiments, the theatre in my mind imagines I am watching them perform in a small Brooklyn coffeeshop with wooden floors and wooden walls, surrounded by comrades in dark overcoats and beards, slowly caffeinating with revolution in the air.

In my mind's eye, they are playing Silent Boogie, with the extended cacophony of its introduction rousing the inner madman in those who favor chaos.  Then, when the song kicks into full gear, the hard drumming and guitar strumming would feel like an other-worldly release.  I picture Vladimir Lenin himself dancing like a cossack on brown acid to the psychedelic stylings.  All the while, a full-throated saxophone blares.

I would love to see Sunwatchers perform live.  I'm sure it would be even better than I envision.

Click Here to listen to Silent Boogie by Sunwatchers.