Soul No. 5 - Caroline Rose

from the album LOSER (2018)

The Preacher urges us to "save" it, by living life on the straight and narrow, because nothing - in God's eyes - is more important.  Yet James Brown has one, and he's Super Bad.  Then there are The Beatles; their's was made of rubber, which - as far as I can tell - is neither good nor bad.  Yup, I am talking about soul.

Quite frankly, I have zero clue what a soul is, or even looks like, and I really don't care.  That said, I am totally digging Soul No. 5, a new tune by Caroline Rose - a songwriter from NYC.  This song doesn't take "soul" very serious at all.  Instead, it is surrounded by an uptempo beat, fun guitar riffs, and a fabulous Farfisa organ.

Best I can tell, the song is about being so good looking that men gawk at you.  The lyrics and the collage of visual images make me smile.  So does the way she occasionally drops her vocal register down and then ascends, which reminds my of Will Smith's theme to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, particularly when she sings "my girls are looking good and they're going out tonight."

The title Soul No. 5 is a tip of the hat to the mid-century Cuban classic Mambo No. 5 by Pérez Prado.  It also represents Caroline Rose's fifth attempt at creating a releasable version of this song.

This is a fun song, reminiscent of some of my favorite "new wave" tunes.  I hope you dig it.  I personally find it refreshing to hear somebody not taking their "soul" too serious.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Soul No. 5 by Caroline Rose.